GitHub Issues

Report issues with DalekJS, submit pull requests to fix problems, or to create summarized and documented feature requests (preferably with pull requests that implement the feature). Please don't ask questions or seek help in the issues list. There are other, better channels for seeking assistance, like StackOverflow and the Google Groups mailing list.

In order to best help out with bugs, we need to know the following information in your bug submission:

  • DalekJS version
  • Operating System / version
  • Browser and version

Including this information in a submission will help us to test the problem and ensure that the bug is both reproduced and corrected on the platforms / versions that you are having issues with.

It doesn't matter how beautiful and "obvious" your fix is. We have 10,000,000,000 things floating around the project at any given moment and we will not immediately understand why you are making changes.

Given that, it is very important to provide a meaningful description with your pull requests that alter any code. A good format for these descriptions will include three things:

1. Why: The problem you are facing (in as much detail as is necessary to describe the problem to someone who doesn't know anything about the system you're building)

2. What: A summary of the proposed solution

3. How: A description of how this solution solves the problem, in more detail than item #2

4. Any additional discussion on possible problems this might introduce, questions that you have related to the changes, etc.

Without at least the first 2 items in this list, we won't have any clue why you're changing the code. The first thing we'll ask, then, is that you add that information.

Google Groups

Get announcements for new releases, share your projects and ideas that are using DalekJS, and join in open-ended discussion that does not fit in to the Github issues list or StackOverflow Q&A. For help with syntax, specific questions on how to implement a feature using DalekJS, and other Q&A items, use StackOverflow.


I`ll try to hang out in the #dalekjs IRC channel as much as possible, if you have a question, need some help or information on how dalek will evolvein the future, please join us there. This is probably the way to get your question answered in the fastest way.


Every of daleks modules has its own trello board (You can find the links in the Documentation section, or in the modules README). This is used to track the current state of feature implementations, bug fixes & future plans.


If you notice any problems with any documentation, please fix it and we'll get it merged as soon as we can. For small things like typos and grammar (which we know I'm terrible with), just click the "Edit this file" button and send in the pull request for the fix. For larger changes and big swaths of documentation changes, a regular pull request as outlined below is more appropriate.

See Github's documentation for pull requests.

Pull requests are by far the best way to contribute to DalekJS. Any time you can send us a pull request with the changes that you want, we will have an easier time seeing what you are trying to do. But a pull request in itself is not usually sufficient. There needs to be some context and purpose with it, and it should be done against specific branch.

Commit message guidelines