Developer preview 0.0.9*
Automated cross browser testing with JavaScript!
Exterminate all the bugs!

DalekJS is an open source UI testing tool written in JavaScript, it will:

  • launch & automate your browser
  • fill & submit forms
  • click & follow links
  • capture screenshots
  • run your functional tests
  • … and it works on Windows, Linux & Mac


  "name": "myCssTardis",
  "description": "Is awesome",
  "version": "0.0.2"

Look ma

  • Intro
  • Remote runner
  • @FronteersJam
  • @FrontTrends
  • @ScotlandJS
  • @JimdoSession

Get in touch

#dalekjs on freenode

* DalekJS is currently a developer preview. Some features are missing, some things might change, there's a lot of optimisation to be done. Don't use this for production!