Dalek Command Line Tools

The command line interface is your interface to the world of DalekJS. This is the way to run your tests. There might be a web interface to Dalek in the future, but as long as there is not, you have to deal with this; But hey, this isn't difficult & I know you can do it! * Available options:

> --version, -v Shows the version of the dalek-cli & local dalek installation

> --reporter, -r Reporter(s) you would like to invoke

> --driver, -d Driver(s) you would like to invoke

> --browser, -b Browser(s) you would like to invoke

> --viewport Viewport dimensions you would like to invoke

> --remote Starts a dalek host server for clients to connect to

> --logLevel, -l Log level, controls the amount of information outputted to the console (0 to 5)

> --nocolors Disable colorized output in the console

> --nosymbols Disable UTF-8 symbols in the console

> --help, -h Displays the cli help