API Docs for: 0.0.3

DalekJS Module

Defined in: index.js:34

This module is a browser plugin for DalekJS. It provides all a WebDriverServer & browser launcher for Safari on iOS.

At the moment this only works with the IPhone

The browser plugin can be installed with the following command:

$ npm install dalek-browser-ios --save-dev

You can use the browser plugin by adding a config option to the your Dalekfile

"browsers": ["ios"]

Or you can tell Dalek that it should test in this browser via the command line:

$ dalek mytest.js -b ios

The Webdriver Server tries to open Port 9003 by default, if this port is blocked, it tries to use a port between 9004 & 9093 You can specifiy a different port from within your Dalekfile like so:

"browsers": {
  "ios": {
    "port": 5555 

It is also possible to specify a range of ports:

"browsers": {
  "ios": {
    "portRange": [6100, 6120] 

If you would like to test on the IPad (IPhone) emulator, you can simply apply a snd. argument, which defines the browser type:

$ dalek mytest.js -b ios:ipad

This module provides the following classes: